Obesity Toolbox


This 1.5-hour course condenses the tools and knowledge you, as a healthcare practitioner, need to have to address the issue of excess weight with your patients.

  • Physical activity and sleep
  • Dietary change
  • Correcting energy balance
  • Engaging the patient (how to start the conversation, communicating sensitively)
  • Changing behaviour (assessing readiness to change, motivational interviewing, behaviour change techniques)
  • Cultural competence


This course is ideal for you, if you:

  • don’t have enough time to commit to a longer course, but would still like to learn and make a difference to your patients
  • cannot get time off work to study this topic in more depth
  • don’t want to study this topic in depth – ‘just a little bite will be great, thank you’
  • would just like to brush up your knowledge and skills to serve your patients better
  • cannot afford a longer course

What you will get:

  • 60-day access to the course
  • skills and knowledge to help your patients with their weight
  • a CCH certificate
  • discounts on other CCH courses (please get in touch with us)

We hope you enjoy this course! Please do let us know what you think at info@contemporaryhealth.co.uk