Obesity Essentials


Professional Online Short Course

An online short course, 8-10 hours, designed specifically for healthcare professionals to assist patients with weight management.

Gain the practical skills to be competent in assessing and managing overweight and obese patients.

Enrol today to start making a positive impact on your patients’ lives.

CPD Certified Course

Course points: 10 CPD UK hours



Become effective in giving expert advice to overweight and obese patients to help them make adjustments to their lifestyle, leading to:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight loss maintenance
  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Better clinical outcomes

Delivered completely online through podcasts, video and e-learning units to seamlessly fit into all health professionals’ busy life and work schedules.

On completion healthcare professionals will gain a course completion certificate as well as 10 CPD hours.

Transcript: Welcome to Obesity Essentials for Health Professionals. This course is written especially for health professionals and those who work directly with obese clients and patients. It seeks to prepare you for the challenge of dealing with obesity, both professionally and personally. A report by the Royal College of Physicians in 2013 found that not only does the UK have some of the highest rates of obesity in the world; there are also a significant number of overweight and obese doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.This course offers an introduction to the many factors that cause and contribute to obesity.

So why is this course useful to you? Research has identified gaps in knowledge and skills among primary care in community based health professionals regarding obesity management. Some of these include: a low awareness in use and guidance of obesity management, a lack of culturally appropriate materials and language barriers, a lack of information on obesity management and prevention, a perceived lack of expertise in motivating patients, a belief that health professionals have limited impact on outcome and that the patient is responsible for lack of success, and a lack of clear and consistent messages on best practice.

While most health professionals recognise they have a role in giving obesity advice as part of their chronic disease management and health promotion remit, communicating with patients about obesity is challenging, complex and at times a very sensitive issue to discuss. In addressing some of these issues we hope this course will give you the confidence you need to inspire you, your colleagues and your patients towards successful weight loss.


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