Obesity Management for Aesthetic Practitioners


Professional Online Short Course

An online short course, 8-10 hours, for aesthetic practitioners to assist patients with weight management.

This course will provide an introduction to, and understanding of, topics relating to the development of obesity, the consequences, and health risks resulting from this condition. It will also help to develop preventative strategies and solutions for Aesthetic Practitioners looking to work in weight management.

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Become effective in giving expert advice to overweight and obese patients to help them make adjustments to their lifestyle, leading to:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight loss maintenance
  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Better clinical outcomes

Delivered completely online through podcasts, video and e-learning units to seamlessly fit into all health professionals’ busy life and work schedules.

Gain the practical skills to be competent in assessing and managing overweight and obese patients.

Enrol today to start making a positive impact on your clients’ lives.

Iain Ashby, pharmacist and consultant, John Bannon Pharmacy
Transcript: Welcome to obesity management for aesthetic practitioners. This course is written especially for health professionals and those who work directly with obese clients and patients. It seeks to prepare you for the challenge of dealing with obesity, both professionally and personally.Obesity is an increasing problem in the UK. With the NHS continuing to reduce services, patients are looking to other service providers to help. Aesthetic practitioners providing weight management services can help people with obesity transform their lives.

As a practitioner dealing with aspects of a client`s confidence in their bodies being able to have a conversation during a client consultation about general health and wellbeing could lead to questions regarding weight management. Practitioners may feel this is not a subject they wish to be involved with but for others it is an opportunity to be involved in possibly life changing transformations. As lead custodians of the beauty market being able to offer a weight management service could generate both footfall and income as well as satisfaction in providing a service the NHS is struggling to deal with.

Clients come to you to help them look and feel good. On their first visit, or a subsequent visit why not take the time to assess their body`s physical appearance rather than just the obvious features. Strike up a conversation. The client trusts you and will be open to any ideas you feel may help them. If they choose to join a weight management programme there will be increased patient contact time which will build loyalty. It is a win-win situation for client and practitioner.

You may also consider continuing your obesity education at the College of Contemporary Health by enrolling on one of the postgraduate courses.

On behalf of John Bannon Pharmacy and CCH I wish you all the best on your journey as an aesthetic practitioner.