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Transcript: Welcome to The College of Contemporary Health and Obesity Essentials for Health Professionals. We all know about the global obesity crisis. Solving the problem is not so easy.

This course will give you knowledge and skills to find solutions to this complex problem. With this online course you can study when, and where, you wish. You will learn from leading experts in the obesity field, understand the team approach that is required to solve these problems, read articles and watch video from a variety of sources. There are short online tests at the end of each lesson and you can earn our certificate to show your success.

We look forward to you enjoying this course and with your new knowledge and skills we know you’ll be able to make a difference.


More information about the course…

  • Obesity is one of the greatest health issues of the 21st century, the prevention, management and treatment of it requires a specific awareness, training and skill-set in order to actively prevent this global public heath issue.

    This course addresses the rising prevalence of obesity, examines the many factors which play a role in its development, identify the associated health consequences, and illustrates possible solutions to obesity which includes providing health professionals with the tools and strategies to be able to address and discuss obesity with their patient in a clinical practice with confidence.

  • Among the topics included in this course are: the obesity crisis, globesity, body mass index, the biology of obesity, the effect of diet, sedentary lifestyles, the energy paradox, the effect of alcohol consumption and smoking, the impact of the environment, chronic stress and obesity, the impact of health professionals attitudes to obese patients, public conception of obesity, food learning impairment, obesity and reproduction, obesity and adverse health consequences, mental health consequences of obesity, stigma and discrimination, the role of compassionate communication and motivational interviewing and medical solutions to energy imbalance.

  • On successful completion of this course health professionals will be able to examine the worldwide obesity crisis, analyse its cause and consequences, and determine possible solutions to this international health issue.




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